5 Common Mistakes Amateur Shooters Commit

5 Common Mistakes Amateur Shooters Commit

Not all who owns a gun are professional shooters. In fact, you can only find a handful number of people who are skilled with handling a firearm. To avoid injuries and fatalities, we have prepared five common mistakes amateur shooters commit that you should be aware of.

  • Incorrect Focus

    Amateurs aim at their targets incorrectly. Instead of focusing on their front sight, amateurs concentrate either directly on their target or on the hindmost sight of their firearm. New shooters should always keep in mind to fix their eye on the front site.

  • Jerking

    Shooters without enough experience do not squeeze their trigger but rather jerk it, which throws the gun off its target, thus missing their aim. To be able to properly pull the trigger, do it gently using the front pad of your finger to prevent jerking.

  • Improper Stance

    Holding the correct stance is very important to be able to have a stable position and to easily attain targets as well. However, amateurs do not know how to properly hold the correct stance. They would lean forward or backward excessively; thus, throwing off accuracy. The proper stance is to lean moderately forward with shooting arm completely extended and supporting arm a little bent with both arms aligned with the shoulders.

  • Wrong Foot Position

    Like holding the correct stance, a proper foot position is also important to make a more stable shooting platform. Often, new shooters will stand on their feet just like how they normally do. However, always keep in mind that the proper foot position is to spread your feet to shoulder length and not close in.

  • Flinching before Firing

    First-time shooters tend to flinch before they squeeze the trigger. Although flinching is a natural response of the body when it knows it is about to receive impact, this can be cured through regular shooting practice.

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