Improving Your Handgun Abilities


Owning a handgun has many benefits, from recreational fun to self-defense. However, whatever reason you have for owning a firearm, it is critical to know how to properly use it. Even though using a gun is as simple as pointing and shooting, there are some integral aspects to consider when it comes to gun safety, trigger discipline, and proper aiming.

  • Proper Aiming: The way you hold your handgun can affect your aim. Holding it with your hands slightly in a wrong position can cause you to shoot either to the left or to the right, without you even realizing what you are doing wrong. This is a common beginner mistake, so the next time you are at a Handgun Range, such as NTO Shooting Center, have an instructor show you the proper way to hold your weapon. You will notice that your aim will suddenly get a lot better.
  • Trigger Discipline: When using any firearm, trigger discipline is, without a doubt, the most important thing to consider. This will not only prevent accidental discharges, but it will also keep everyone around you safe. Basically, trigger discipline can be as simple as keeping your finger off of the trigger unless you are absolutely sure you want to pull it. Some other aspects of trigger discipline include identifying your target and knowing exactly what you are going to be firing at before you actually fire. This is important in self-defense situations. This will also help enhance your abilities with the handgun because with proper trigger discipline you can keep yourself cool, calm, and collected allowing you to make better shots.
  • Gun Safety: Owning any weapon requires knowing about gun safety. This includes unloading a weapon not in use, using the safety mechanism on the gun, and investing in a gun safe if you have children in your home. Guns are useful tools, but they can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Gun safety is critical.

For more information on handgun basics and how to not only enhance your skills but to also improve the safety of your weapon, please feel free to visit our website anytime at When you want to practice, please come to our Gun Range in Texas today.

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