Improving Your Handgun Accuracy

Improving Your Handgun Accuracy

Guns are not only a great form of self-defense but they are also a great way to spend your time. However, it is important to not only know how to handle your handgun but to also fire it accurately. Here are some great tips that can help you improve your accuracy with handguns:

  • Practice: Practice makes perfect! By visiting your local Handgun Range or Gun Range in Texas, you can practice as much as you want. These places typically have professionals who can help you and give pointers that can improve your skill with firearms.

  • Stance: Stance is an important part of firing a weapon. You will want to have a stance that is not only comfortable but also stable. This will help you control the recoil of the handgun while allowing you to easily remain on target. There are numerous stances such as modified weaver, weaver, and isosceles.

  • Grip: Your grip has a huge impact on your accuracy. You will want to hold your firearm as tightly as you can. This can help improve accuracy and reduce recoil.

  • Sights: When looking down the sights of your handgun, you may find yourself closing one eye and squinting at the other. However, this can reduce your accuracy. For the best accuracy, you will want to keep both eyes open. This will reduce eye fatigue, allow you to acquire targets quicker, and help you maintain better situational awareness, which is crucial in a self-defense situation.

  • Trigger: If you squeeze the trigger slowly, accuracy is increased. By squeezing the trigger quickly, you could yank the handgun off target. By slowly squeezing the trigger, you will have an easier time keeping your firearm on target. The part of your finger you use for squeezing the trigger also plays an important role. This can boil down to preference but a good placement can be just before the first joint on your finger.

  • Breathing: Do not hold your breath when firing your handgun. You are not sniping a mile away with a rifle. Just breathe naturally and stay relaxed.

  • Dry Firing: If you cannot visit a gun range like NTO Shooting Center, a good way to practice is through dry firing. This is where you fire the weapon without any ammunition, so you can do it safely at home. This will allow you to practice the different techniques such as stance, grip, and more.

Those are few effective tips you can keep in mind when you want to improve your accuracy with a handgun. Keep practicing and keep having fun. This is definitely a skill that can help you whether you are finding something to do in your spare time or in protecting yourself.

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