Improving Your Skills with a Handgun

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Knowing how to use a handgun is a critical skill for self-defense. These little guns are not complicated to use but there are still aspects to consider. This is to ensure that you are using the weapon properly and most importantly, safely.

  • The Safety: If you are going to bring a handgun with you for self-defense, it is important to use the safety. This is a switch or a button that can be flipped on to prevent the trigger from being pulled, so you do not accidentally fire the weapon. This is for your safety and for the safety of everyone around you.
  • Your Aim: NTO Shooting Center specializes in improving your handgun shooting abilities. We will teach you valuable skills and provide you with the knowledge you need to use your weapon effectively but also safely. One way we do this is by helping you improve your aim. The way you hold a handgun has a large effect on your accuracy. Holding it improperly can cause you to shoot to the left, to the right, above the target, or below the target. If you want to hit dead on, then holding the weapon properly is critical.
  • Practice: The best way to improve your skills with a handgun is through practice. As a Handgun Range, you are free to fire not only your own handguns but also a selection of other handguns that we have available to you. This is to help you become familiar with not only just your gun but other guns as well. So go in and get the practice you need and this is a good reason to go out and shoot some guns because we all know how fun that is!

A handgun can be the perfect tool for self-defense but this tool can only help keep you safe when you know how to use it properly, so allow our Gun Range in Texas, to provide you with the education you need and for more information please visit our website For any questions, you can reach us at 940-507-0269 or at 940-507-0993. Allow us to show you how to use a handgun effectively and properly!

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