The Importance of Discipline with Firearms

The Importance of Discipline with Firearms

If you are into target shooting or if you want to get into competitive shooting challenges, then it is vital to have discipline in using your firearm. This is a skill that is taught in the military, but is extremely important whenever you are using a gun. The next time you are at a Shooting Range in Texas, you will want to keep in mind these tips that you can use to improve your discipline with guns:

  • Identify the Target: Before you pull the trigger, you need to know exactly what you are shooting at. This is not only a safety issue, but it ensures you are hitting the target you intended. Many new shooters can get startled and fire without identifying what they are looking at. This is extremely dangerous, especially when going through a course with targets that pop up at you. You need to know what you are hitting at all times.
  • Finger off the Trigger:Never place your finger on the trigger unless you intend to use it. Even if the safety is on, this is just an added precaution that improves your safety and the safety of everyone around you. The only time your finger should ever be on a trigger of a firearm is when you are going to pull it.
  • Holding the Weapon: Another part of firearm discipline is holding the weapon. Holding a handgun out with one hand may look cool in the movies, but this is a dangerous and inappropriate way to hold a weapon. If you are going to use a hand gun, you will want to use both hands on the weapon and keep it close to the chest until you intend to use it.

Visiting a Gun Range in Texas such as NTO Shooting Center is a great way to improve your firearm discipline while also improving your other firearm skills as well. Shooting and using guns is extremely fun and has many practical uses such as hunting and self-defense. So get the practice you need by visiting our website at

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